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The Merlin Energy

Nobody here will claim to connect you to Merlin either as a person or a spirit, but those represented here can all claim to be from a historical line of mediums, all healers, clairvoyants and teachers who derive their connections from the Merlin lineage, a Divine Expression that calls itself Merlin. All Divine Expressions bring in to manifestation a unique quality of the Divine.

Merlin brings in the quality of magical transformation, Merlin's healing art, to transform emotional conditioning, physicality and ego identity, bringing about the magical awakening of conditioned consciousness to its true nature and expression.

Our Work

Your search has brought you here, but what do you seek? You may have in your mind's eye a set of circumstances that you wish for, or an outcome for which you are seeking confirmation. We encourage you to look at what is important and will walk with you on your journey until you find your way back to the space you really seek. We will bring you healing and comfort and a sense of peace using the love which emanates from The Merlin Energy until your process is complete. When you can again stand on your own two feet and face the world, your world, then our work is done.


Our Tools

Our tools are simple as there is only one and we will help you use it for yourself. Our tool is love! We are all conditioned in life to expect that whenever we give something away we are depleted in our own reserves. If we have five coins and we give two of them away we only have three left. That is the way of our material world. Love is a force which re-writes that rule book and connects us all to a force far geater than anything man made. It is the force which energizes us and connects us all. The more love you give away, the more you have. Try smiling at a stranger, does that not make you feel better? If they smile back you feel better ten fold! Whether your healing requires a message from your ancestors or your guides, or a reading on a purely psychic level, we will help. If your healing requires the re-programming of old patterns, we will help. If your healing requires someone to restore your faith in yourself, we will help. If you just need to know that someone cares and will not judge you, no matter what others may feel about you or your circumstances, we will help.


Whatever your problem, we're waiting.....


Much of the work done by The Merlin Energy is based on the teachings contained in A Course in Miracles. Buy the book here through Amazon and become a student too.

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The Merlin Energy

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