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Healing With The Merlin Energy

To book your healing or to make an enquiry about how we can try and help you please click on the "Booking" tab above or the "Contact" tab and then follow the instructions to fill out the forms.

Healing can come in many ways and using many methods, none of which should be dismissed and all of which could help. The biggest single factor that will help any healing process is love, and that is the energy through which we bring to you, The Merlin Energy. A good doctor will heal not with drugs, but with the manner in which he deals with his patient. A doctor with the greatest of understanding of drugs and the process by which they affect the chemistry of the human body can bring relief to the suffering. A much lesser doctor, technically, but one who understands the need of his patients to be believed, to not be judged, to be shown empathy or to be shown that his physician is prepared to stand at his shoulder, as his equal, and walk through the darkness with him, will bring a far more complete healing process to his patient.

All of our processes center around that one thing, you have our belief, our understanding, our love. We will provide you with someone upon whom you can lean a little, upon whom you can rely to understand your needs, to turn your attentions away from the negative way you are viewing your situation and on to the love that will heal you.

Absent Healing

For those without the ability to travel or for whom, geographically, it is impractical to visit, absent healing is perhaps the best way to deal with their problems. This does not require physical contact, nor yet the knowledge of the person recieving the healing, although the one requesting the healing should be mindful of the patients needs, wishes and beliefs.

Listening Therapies

Often when somone is feeling low, or in despair, or suffering from grief, or lacking in self confidence, or even suicidal, someone who can just listen without judgement is often the biggest healing tool possible and may in itself be what is necessary to start the healing process in whatever more orthodox form of medicine they may have been following.

Grief Counselling

Grief can come in so many forms and affects us all in so many different ways. You may grieve for the passing of a friend or family member, or it may be for a pet. It may be when someone has moved away or when divorce has seperated a parent from their children. When a child moves away from home or when family have emigrated. Grief is not just confined to a situation involving death, nor yet a person or pet, yet it is still very real and can be debilitating. Some will show no signs of grief, some let it all go very spectacularly. Some cultures allow or even encourage very public demonstrations of grief whilst other situations demand that grief is dealt with quietly and privately. We will work with you, hold your hand and comfort you, walk beside you whilst you deal with your grief and find acceptance of your new reality.

Hands on Healing

Where circumstances permit, a visit either from or to your healer can be of great benefit. Human contact, in a warm and loving environment is one of the greatest healing tools known to man. One which we have all enjoyed throughout time. Our mother's, when we were infants, would tell us they would "rub it better", our earliest experience of hands on healing and one that stays with us. A hug from a friend when we are sad or in some kind of upset is all hands on healing.

House Clearance

Our homes can often be affected by disturbed energies which can manifest in a number of ways. Sometimes it is just a question of a feeling of being ill at ease in certain areas or rooms in the home. Whilst at others it can take on a more challenging aspect. This seldom means that our home is "haunted"! Merely that we have brought a disturbed energy back with us or that we ourselves, or members of our family, are generating that diturbance. Sometimes we can calm the energy disturbance without the need to visit the home or the individual but we will often need to visit, and sometimes more than once, to calm the house and to calm the energy of those being affected by this disruption. Whatever we do to assist, we work with love to bring you the peace of The Merlin Energy.

Please go to the "Bookings" page to enquire about healing, or to make a booking

Whilst there are many who have benefitted from our healing and help, we have to point out that its affects cannot be guaranteed.


Much of the work done by The Merlin Energy is based on the teachings contained in A Course in Miracles. Buy the book here through Amazon and become a student too.

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