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Readings From The Merlin Energy

The Merlin Energy is about healing, in all it's forms. Just one of these forms can sometimes take the form of a reading, both psychic and clairvoyant can sometimes be of help. People will ask "How can you prove where all this is coming from?" The answer is that we don't need to! If what is said relates to the person for whom the reading has been done, then that is all the proof that is necessary. People will usually only approach for a reading at a time in their lives when they need help, a hand to hold or someone to show them that there can be light at the end of their own tunnel. The Merlin Energy will help you to find just that, the light at the end of your tunnel.

Telephone Readings

We can set up for you a telephone reading at a time that suits you, we have clients all over the world and are well used to accomodating the different time zones world wide. Once arranged, the call can be made through landline, mobile or Skype, your choice. The reading will be as authentic and genuine as if you were sat in the same room as us.

Face-to-face Readings

Our base is in the picturesque and historic county of Wiltshire and we are very happy to read for you here. If you feel you are particularly in need of the kind of one to one attention that a face to face reading will provide and are unable to travel to us, we are quite happy to travel to you wherever you are, although there will be an appropriate fee to cover travelling expenses.

Written Readings

When you are going through a particularly harrowing chapter in your journey of life you may well be in need of a little extra and long lasting evidence of your connection with The Merlin Energy. Something to keep and look back on when the times are still just a little grey. In these circumstances a written reading may help and can often be of greater benefit when moving forward. You will not need to provide anything other than something to connect through to you. That can take the form of your voice, perhaps in an audio recording, or your handwriting. In neither case do we need anything that would give away your thoughts unless you wanted to, we just need your vibration through which we can home in on you and your guides.

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your location, we WILL be there for you. For however long it takes.

Remember, you are on a journey, and journies can sometimes take time. Our objective is to see you better, and happy in your self, and on your pathway.

Please go to the "Bookings" page to enquire or to make a booking

Whilst there are many who have benefitted from our healing and help, we have to point out that its effects cannot be guaranteed and although we are sincere and our work is genuine, under eu law we must advise that readings can only be considered as entertainment.


Much of the work done by The Merlin Energy is based on the teachings contained in A Course in Miracles. Buy the book here through Amazon and become a student too.

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