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Louise - Berkshire

OMG, thank you so so much for last night, it was amazing!

I felt very calm when Mum was with us, I often can't talk about her at all without crying and losing my voice. But I felt calm and I knew she was there. I could feel her, sense her presence, hear her humour and her direct but kind words of guidance......She is always there for me, but not close enough, never close enough until last night.

Annie - Wiltshire

A reading he gave me a few years ago proved to be very accurate, and in subsequent readings for family and friends he always gets a very good sense of the person even though it may be a first meeting.

I attended some of the group meetings on Mediumship, more out of curiosity of the subject than a desire to become a Medium myself. I found him to be very astute in dealing with every individual in a sensitive and intuitive way, so ensuring that no-one felt uncomfortable when talking or experimenting with mysticism.

He is very sincere, and his long experience in mysticism enables him to convey his knowledge of the subject in a clear, practical and light-hearted way.

Jannis - Perth WA

My lifes pathways, detours and journeys have taken me to many a destination. From the first warm smile, I had an idea of inner knowing. You took me in when I had many a broken wing. You talked with me, laughed with me, gave guidance to me, with total non judgement and unconditional love.

Your time was timeless for it was only about the person in front of you.

The caring and comfort that comes with your knowledge and skills is what makes you stand out in the sea of others.

Like a Beacon of light you brought me to a place of safety with understanding of all that is within our great tapestry of life.

I thank you and your guidance. You are a special seed that was planted by our creator, planted to sprout and nourish so many, may I say thank you for the many and myself …

Barabara - Spain

I have known Merlin through from his first days as a fledgling medium in Dorset. I have moved many times throughout the UK in the last twenty years or more since I met him and now to Spain. He has always been honest with me in his readings and powerful in his healing. Wherever I have lived, I have always promoted him in my community and so there are little Merlin fan clubs dotted around all over western Europe and I will always continue to do so. May I commend, to whoever reads this, the work of a very special man.

Nicki - Dorset

My son is a troubled boy, he has not been dealt the kindest of hands in life and I love him so much. With the onset of puberty the strange goings on in our house went into overdrive, things moving, things breaking, scary shadows seen out of the corner of my eye. I thought our house was posessed! I rang Merlin and he spoke to me for an hour and asked me loads of questions about what is going on here. I had been told by others that we had all sorts of demons living here, I was scared. Merlin listened quietly and said "It will be cleared tonight!" And it was! I have absolutely no idea what he did or how he did it, all I know is that our house is once again the peaceful house it always was.

Kim - California

Thank you Merlin. Again, you hit the nail on the head. The situations over the past two weeks that have made me "angry" were from my so sweet 10 year old suffering at the hands of an adult (emotionally) for what really amounted to a grudge for a decision I made that I believed was in his best interest for the future.

Thank you for discussing this with me. This is a huge thing for me right now because I am really trying to remove anger from my life. I feel it is my greatest handicap. But sometimes it seems like the closer I get, the more I get tested...

Sara - Portsmouth

There have been few in my life who have been a constant support to me. From the first time I met Merls as an insecure troubled teenager. (Iwas, not him!) I have always felt that with him there was someone who will not judge me and will always be there to catch me with a kind word or a loving arm when I fall. I went for a reading and I feel I came back with something far more important, I came back with a friend. My own special friend! Although he probably has loads who say that :-)

Carol - Italy

Merlin. You are such a special teacher, you have started many of us off on our journey, taking nothing in return, your energy, your teachings and your important work is reaching out into the universe, many have and many more will benefit from your wisdom. Cx


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